Ms. Cari

Growing up as an Athlete and Dancer, GR Innovator, Ms. Cari Bermudez always lived a very active lifestyle. She founded Graffiti Rhythms in 2010 with the basis that both Dance & Fitness should be attainable for everyone. Graffiti Rhythms combines street-style movements with traditional foundations to make all Dance & Fitness classes fun! Learn about different cultures and urban styles through fun easy-to-follow choreography. When you enjoy what you are doing, Fitness is easy and Dance becomes a lifestyle. Break down the walls that you think may be holding you back and enter a world of self-expression, strength and passion with Graffiti Rhythms Dance & Fitness classes!


Clarybelle Camacho was born and raised in Logan Square Chicago. She has been a vibrant part in the fitness community for 3 years now. Growing up she was always involved in sports and Latin dancing. Clarybelle is a Founder of an Organization “A Beautiful Project” that mentors young women to be an active part of the community through volunteer work. Clarybelle is a 2020 Northeastern University graduate with a Fine Arts Major, with a focus on acting and creative writing. When’s she’s not performing on stage, she’s working out her body! Throughout her life she has dedicated her time to inspiring and connecting with women. She states, “I love working as a fitness instructor because here is where I can motivate women to reach their highest potential physically.” Clarybelle proudly became a Fitness Instructor 2 years ago. She wants her students to set goals, push themselves and feel confident about who they are. Clarybelle truly believes in a healthy mind, body, and soul and her motto is “You gotta believe in yourself, in order to see a change.” 🌸 Check out her Cardio Tone Up classes with free weights to challenge your endurance and strength!


Nana Sahagun is a university of Illinois Graduate with a BA in Fine Arts: Focus in Communication and Psychology. Because of her Theater/ Dance background; Nana has fallen in love with Dance Fitness as a new form of self-expression. She exudes passion while teaching and finds it as a source of healing. To her, Dance Fitness is the equivalent to Dance Therapy; a healing approach that involves the use of body movement to improve physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Nana is certified in CPR and First Aid Safety. She also holds Zumba Fitness and Mixxedfit Certifications. Her style of Zumba is all about how it makes you feel - It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, an overall calorie-burning Dance party! Her classes allow everyone to find  joy in working out and advances you to a better, healthier, YOU!  Other hobbies include: sketching, painting , DIY projects and  being a cat mama.

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